About Me


Addicted to Sewing! that’s me…

Since the age of 6 when I kidnapped my Mum’s old Singer Treddle Machine, (well hardly, as it was too heavy to move but I am sure you get my drift) I have always loved to sew. In the early days I was restricted to purses and my own attempts at fitting my dolls out with new clothes. During High School CSE needlework beckoned and I had to complete a number of items, I made a lovely blue Jacket out of a wool mix and a Tapestry picture. College was my next port of call and once again the course I had chosen necessitated the need for sewing, this time it was a lace Christening Gown. When my first Daughter was born,  I used the gown for her Christening.

Over the years I have made a variety of clothes for both family and friends, Wedding/Bridesmaid/Rose Fete and Children’s dresses to name but a few.

More recently I have taken my hobby on a more serious course. Firstly,  working self employed as a sewing contractor for a small company. Now I feel the need to go a slightly new adventure, using my experiences over the years to shape my sewing today.

I hope you like the new products?



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